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Lower costs. Better benefits. Real control. It is all available through New York's only health insurance CO-OP.

Individual Plan Highlights

All Health Republic Insurance of New York plans cover the full range of essential health benefits. This includes many free preventive visits such as well visits, mammography, and colonoscopy, as well as some fitness reimbursement when conditions are met. See below for an overview of our three main sets of plans.

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Pick a primary physician, and deductibles and co-pays won't get in the way of seeing him or her. You still get direct access to the full MagnaCare Extra network of primary, specialty, and facility services, without a referral from your primary physician.

Additional benefits, such as acupuncture, have also been included in the PrimarySelect plans.

PrimarySelect plans are offered at the silver, gold and platinum levels.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

PrimarySelect EPO

Similar to PrimarySelect, except you are required to name a primary physician from our list of NCQA-certified patient-centered medical homes.

PrimarySelect EPO members still have direct access to the full MagnaCare Extra network too.

PrimarySelect EPO is an innovative product that right now is offered only at the silver level and only in the following counties: Nassau, Queens, New York, Bronx, Westchester, Essex, and Hamilton.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage


EssentialCare is Health Republic Insurance of New York's "standard" New York plan that you may have heard about. The benefits, deductibles, copays, and all other plan features adhere to the NYS requirements, allowing you to make a true "apples to apples" comparison across insurers.

In brief, EssentialCare provides coverage for all the essential health benefits, after the deductible is satisfied. This plan is offered at the catastrophic, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum levels.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

  • Provider Network

    We're proud to be using the MagnaCare Extra network to give our members access to thousands of doctors, the full range of specialists, almost every hospital throughout our service area, all types of laboratory and imaging providers, urgent care centers, community health centers, and other healthcare providers. With more than 70,000 providers in our network, care is always within reach.

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  • Medication Coverage

    Health Republic Insurance of New York has partnered with US Script to ensure you have access to the medications you need, when you need them. Our PrimarySelect and PrimarySelect EPO plans offer you $0 copay on selected generic drugs, making access to treatment even easier. Find out more about our medication availability ("formulary") by clicking here

Alternative Care and Wellness

You can save up to 30 percent on popular complementary and alternative medicine services and fitness centers through our partnership with the Healthways WholeHealth Network, which has more than 43,000 providers.

This program delivers immediate discounts without the hassle of complicated claims forms. You don't need a referral to visit a practitioner in the Healthways network – but you should talk with your primary care doctor about any treatment you're thinking about getting. If you're already seeing holistic professionals who are not on the Healthways list, you can ask that they be added to the network.

Member Health Support

Health Republic Insurance of New York believes that individuals who are empowered – with knowledge about their own health, the preventive services they need, the tools to manage chronic conditions, and available community resources – is what health reform is all about. For that reason, we've built an extensive health support program.

To start, we encourage our members to browse through our vast health information library. Here's the place to learn about health tips, research signs and symptoms, or simply satisfy your curiosity about all things clinical.


We're here to make it easier for you to navigate health services.

If you can't find the time to read up on things, don't worry. We can send reminders about important preventive screenings, needed appointments, and tips on how to stay well.

You'll also have access to our Wellness Navigators, who will provide guidance on using your healthcare benefits and explain the benefits of selecting and establishing a relationship with your primary physician to better coordinate your care.

  • Solstice Health Benefit Company For Dental Coverage

    New York State’s essential health benefits include pediatric dental care, and we’ve partnered with a high-quality, certified dental plan to make sure you get this coverage.  This is required coverage, and you can enroll easily by clicking here. While you’re at it, check out their affordable adult dental benefits too!

  • Davis Vision Pediatric Vision Coverage

    New York State’s essential health benefits include pediatric vision services, and these will be delivered to our members through Davis Vision – Eyecare Reframed.  Find out more about Davis Vision and their services today.